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30 Oct 2015

How to Do CBS Transactions Offline When Finacle is Down

CBS Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an alternative to accept some transactions from the customers when Finacle Application will not be a...

21 Jun 2015

How to Do Reinvestment of Various Schemes in Finacle

When a customer wants re-investment from one scheme maturity value to another scheme, customer should be asked if he/she has a Savings Acc...

8 May 2015

How to Open Account for Minor having Age 10 or Above

In Finacle Date of Birth is mandatory Field. If Age is less than 18 years, The Account is treated as Minor and Guardian CIF becomes necessa...

6 May 2015

How to Add New Agents in Finacle

HDSAMM: Stands for DSA Master Maintenance. All the MPKBY and SAS agents in DOP can be created by using the menu HDSAMM. The agents w...

3 Mar 2015

How to Add New MPKBY Agent in Finacle

In Finacle, Agents are called Direct Selling Agent (DSA) If you want to add a new MPKBY agent under a particular office, you can create ne...

6 Feb 2015

How to See Signature and Photo of Depositor in Finacle

IES (Signature Inquiry Result)  command is used for viewing Photo & Signature. The method of using this command is given below. Me...

23 Dec 2014

RD Agents Bulk List Posting in Finacle

RD bulk list posting in Sanchay Post was a very time consuming and tedious task hence major portion of the time of counter PA was used for ...

29 Nov 2014

List of Office Accounts in India Post Finacle

1. Vault Account:   0405 For entering transfer of cash received or returned to Treasurer by each teller (counter)           At the...


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