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8 May 2015

How to Open Account for Minor having Age 10 or Above

In Finacle Date of Birth is mandatory Field. If Age is less than 18 years, The Account is treated as Minor and Guardian CIF becomes necessa...

1 Mar 2015

How to do Standing Instruction or Automatic Transfer in Finacle

HSSIM stands for Standing Instruction Maintenance. HSSIM command is used for SI from SB to RD in DOP Finacle Note :- that for giving th...

6 Feb 2015

How to See Signature and Photo of Depositor in Finacle

IES (Signature Inquiry Result)  command is used for viewing Photo & Signature. The method of using this command is given below. Me...

29 Nov 2014

List of Office Accounts in India Post Finacle

1. Vault Account:   0405 For entering transfer of cash received or returned to Treasurer by each teller (counter)           At the...


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